Purchase a Veiled Chameleon

Available Veiled Chameleons

My Baby Male and Baby Female Veiled Chameleons (and one Juvenile Female) are currently available and can be shipped immediately.  Or, if you need time to prepare, you can hold off on shipping until you are ready.  I'll work with you to make sure you are properly setup for your new little friend when he or she arrives.


I hatch and raise every Veiled Chameleon that I sell so I know they are healthy, well-adjusted and eating well.  To ensure a good experience and to make sure your chameleon stays healthy, I am always available to provide advice and answer questions via email, chat, text, or voice calls.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Your young Veiled Chameleon will arrive to you healthy, well-adjusted and will make a great pet!  Thus far, I have never had a bad result when shipping a Chameleon. 

I will guarantee that your Chameleon will arrive to you alive.  If not, I will not only replace the Chameleon at no charge but will pay the replacement shipping fee as well.

I will also guarantee that your Chameleon will remain alive for 30 days after your receive it.  If your Chameleon arrives alive but does not remain alive during the 30 days after you receive it, I will replace your Chameleon at no charge but you will need to pay the replacement shipping fee. 


If you are local to Westchester, NY and would like to pickup your Chameleon to avoid the shipping cost, click on the "local pickup" shipping option at checkout.


FedEx Shipping:

In order to ensure that your Chameleon arrives safely, I ship via FedEx Priority Overnight (Mon - Wed).  I use cold or heat packs in the shipping box as necessary, based on weather conditions.

The cost for FedEx Priority Overnight shipping for one Veiled Chameleon is $40 in the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT, DE, PA) and $60 anywhere else in the United States.  Choose the applicable shipping option at checkout.

Meet The Parents

My Adult Male
My Adult Female
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