Veiled Chameleon Egg - Fertile

Veiled Chameleon Egg - Fertile

Live Fertile Veiled Chameleon Egg for Sale - Hatch Yourself

For those who want to experience the joy of hatching your own baby chameleon... I am offering fertile Veiled Chameleon egg(s) for sale ($25 per egg plus shipping cost) from the same beautiful parents of the baby Veiled Chameleons I sell.  My goal is to ensure a joyful and successful experience for both you and your pet Chameleon.  I am available as a resource via email, chat (bottom right corner of this page), voice or text (914-874-9777) to answer questions and provide advice as you prepare for and care for your chameleon egg and Veiled Chameleon once it hatches. 


For additional information about how to properly prepare for and care for your Veiled Chameleon egg(s) and hatching(s), please click here.


Hatch your own chameleon...reptile... lizard.  Live chameleon egg.

  • Live Arrival Guarantee

    My guarantee:


    1)  If the egg(s) does not survive shipping, I will replace the egg(s) (including shipping/postage) at no charge.  This guarantee will last for 30 days following the receipt of your egg(s) because if the egg(s) were damaged (internally) during shipping, the egg(s) will shrivel and mold up within a week or two.  I will request a photo of the egg(s) at that time.  If the egg(s), still look the same (or has gotten bigger) 30 days after shipping... the egg(s) are doing fine. 


    2)  If the egg(s) survived shipping but never hatches, I will replace the egg(s) at no additional charge for the egg(s) - you pay another $15 for shipping/handling.  If the egg(s) do not hatch or have gone bad, the egg(s) will shrivel up and mold up.  I will request a photo of the egg(s) at that time.  Remember, although most Veiled Chameleon eggs typically hatch between 7-10 months, there are eggs that could hatch after only 6 months or which could take as long as 12 months.  If the egg(s) look fine... be patient.  It will most likely hatch.  :)


    3)  My guarantee is valid assuming reasonable compliance* with my directions on how to care for the egg(s) upon arrival and during incubation. 


    *Reasonable compliance includes that you either 1) choose to ship to a local FedEx Shipping Center (HUB) for pickup or 2) take your package inside immediately upon arrival at your residence.  Even with the included heat pack, a fertile egg won't remain viable for long if left outside exposed to cold winter temperatures.  Failure to bring your package inside immediately upon arrival to your residence will void my live arrival guarantee.


    Please feel free to reach out to me via text, email or chat if you have any questions.

  • Shipping

    If you are local to Westchester, NY and would like to pickup your chameleon egg to avoid the shipping cost, click on the "local pickup" shipping option at checkout.


    FedEx Shipping:


    Choose Ship - egg(s) - Veiled Chameleon - Fertile shipping option at checkout.


    FedEx Shipping:   Veiled Chameleon egg(s) are shipped via FedEx 2 Day shipping ($20 for shipping).


    ​You can purchase 1, 2 or 3 eggs and pay only one shipping cost. The eggs will be packed in the same storage cup with substrate. A heat pack will be provided in the container to help keep them warm. If you wish to purchase more than 3 eggs, please reach out me to discuss.


    *Please note that I only ship egg(s) when the outside temperature will be above 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Shipping when the temperature is below 36 degrees poses too great a risk to the chameleon. We will communicate and come to a mutual agreement on a shipping date based on the forecasted temperatures.


    If at all possible (especially during the winter, I recommend shipping your egg to a local FedEx Shipping Center (HUB) and having your package on hold for pickup. This way you can pickup your egg from the HUB without being stuck at home all day awaiting delivery. Also, this decreases the risk to the egg since it won't be traveling (possibly) all day in a delivery truck.

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