Quotes from Customer Emails and Texts


"It's been such a pleasant experience... I'd recommend you over and over!  THANK YOU!!"


"I bought from you because I was able to see photos of the breeding pair, the photos and videos of the little ones.  I knew exactly what I was getting.  That, along with our general conversation of checking up on my Chameleon after we received him and the offering to answer any questions directly.  Things like that are huge for me.... the personal  part of working with a breeder.  Not just a sale and drop a box in the mail and forget about it.... I know my kids' friends also have interest so your name is getting around here..."
My Chameleon arrived fine and settled in nicely.  Since his arrival he's eaten about 5 crickets and is currently roaming around his enclosure.  I just want to stress about how grateful we are, and if we plan to ever get a second one we will be sure to buy from you again.  Thank you for the info of his birthday and his size.  We are really happy about him and how his arrival came about!  Thank you again...""
"My Chameleon is doing great!  Thank you, thank you!""
"I just received my Chameleon and he ate 3 crickets so far.  I was very surprised he was eating already!""
"Are your Chameleon babies all so people friendly?  Curious... because this one... I swear... shows so much calmness...just crawling around someone... then doesn't want to go back to his cage."
"My friend is interested in getting a male Chameleon too...do you have any more available?"?
"My Chameleon has been so happy!  Really excited to see him grow!"
"They look like they're settling in really well!  They look very healthy!  You do a wonderful job with them!"
"He's doing great!  I just upgraded him to a bigger enclosure.  He's been eating a lot and is very healthy."
"Wanted to let you know my baby arrived safe and sound and is exploring his new house!  He is beautiful, thank you!""
"Thank you for the beautiful little veil Chameleon. At this moment the little guy is hydrating and doing well. He is one of the most friendliest veil I ever met up with. If you have larger veils still available I’m seriously thinking of purchasing one or more. My panther and Meller Chameleons saw this guy and fire up brilliant colors. Thanks again!"
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