Veiled Chameleons For Sale

  • Mark's Chameleons is owned and operated by me... Mark Lipton. 🙂  Links to my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles are on the bottom of this page.

  • I have been keeping reptiles for over twenty years.  I breed, hatch and raise my Veiled Chameleons so I know every baby I sell is healthy, well adjusted and eating well. 

  • As a Veiled Chameleon breeder, I guarantee that your baby chameleon will arrive safely and healthy. 

  • To learn more about Mark's Chameleons go to my About Mark's Chams page.

Click on the photo of either the baby or juvenile male/female below to see the current hatch date of my baby Veiled Chameleons, my live arrival guarantee and the cost for shipping.  If you are on a mobile device, swipe left or right to see each photo.

Chameleon high five!!!  Some of my baby Veiled Chameleons which are currently available for sale.  They are beautiful and tame...!


Customer Reviews

Katelyn H.

"Mark is truly great! He was very helpful through the process and made sure that I was all ready for my chameleon when it came. My chameleon arrived safely and in great health. Mark still helps me if I have questions and he gets back to me very fast!"

Meet The Parents

Video of the parents of my baby Veiled Chameleons...

My Adult Male
One of my Adult Females
Mark's Female Chameleon