Baby Veiled Chameleons For Sale

I have been keeping reptiles for over twenty years.  I hatch and raise every baby Veiled Chameleon that I sell so I know they are healthy, well-adjusted and eating well.  It is important to me that each baby Veiled Chameleon that I sell goes to a good home where it will be nurtured, appreciated and enjoyed.

In order to ensure a successful experience for both you and your new pet Chameleon, I am always available via email, chat (bottom right corner of this page), or text (914-874-9777) to provide advice and answer questions about preparing for and caring for your new chameleon.


This batch of baby Veiled Chameleons is currently hatching (10/14/20)!

So you can see their current size, here is video of baby Veiled Chameleons from batch

I am currently selling (hatch date - July 26).

If you are on a mobile device, scroll left or right on photo below to see all available Veiled Chameleon purchase options.

Meet The Parents

My Adult Male
My Adult Female
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